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Single Panel K2 / Spice Home Urine Test Kit

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Single Panel K2 / Spice Home Urine Test Kit
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Get an accurate test result using Single Panel K2/Spice Home Urine Test Kit.

You can feel safe with Single Panel K2/Spice Home Urine Test Kit that helps to receive the required information without extra efforts. Using test strips, test Spice/K2 with it. There is no need to be embarrassed any longer over undesirable test result. You can take measures in case it happens. The toxin levels are established by SAMSHA – stands for Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration.
Here is the list of cutoff levels set by SAMHSA:
JWH-018/073: the cutoff level is 25 ng/ml
JWH-398: the cutoff level is 200 ng/ml
JWH-210: the cutoff level is 300 ng/ml
and MAM2201: the cutoff level is 100 ng/ml

How to use the product
If you want to get the correct result, you should use a clean container made of either plastic or glass. Take out the testing device.
Put the end of the strip for tests into the urine and leave it in it up to the moment a reddish color comes into view. The arrow that you see on the strip should be directed toward the sample. Dip the strip in a right way trying not to go over the mark of the test line. Take away the test strip and leave it on the surface. It takes about 20 seconds to get the result. Check the strip in 10 minutes.

How to interpret the results of the test
The testing device can show three results:

  • When the result is POSITIVE that means that you failed. A band of one color appears in the zone C (the control zone). The zone T (the test zone) does not include any color band. When the result is positive that means that the metabolites of JWH-73 and JWH-10 are found in the sample in higher amounts than it is allowed by SAMSHA.
  • When the result is NEGATIVE that means that you passed the test. In this case there are bands of two colors on the strip. One of them is in the zone C, which is a control zone and the other one in the zone T (the test zone). In other words, the level of the metabolites of JWH-73 and JWH-10 is lower in the sample than the cutoff level allowed by SAMSHA.
  • The result can also happen to be INVALID. The pink-colored band is not seen in the zone C (control zone) in this case. It happens due to the incorrect testing performance or bad quality of the kit. Acquire a new device if it happened and repeat the procedure.
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