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Single Panel MTD (Methadone) Home Urine Test Kit

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Single Panel MTD (Methadone) Home Urine Test Kit
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Lab is not necessary any longer to find out about your toxin level. The Single Panel MTD (Methadone) Home Urine Test Kit is a perfect way to get this data without leaving your house.

The Single Panel Home Drug Test is an excellent solution for all those who fear the problems that can arise in case they do not pass the urine test. There is no need to go anywhere to make sure that you are clean. You can make the drug test at home. The accuracy will be equal to the test results made in the lab. The specialists confirm 98% accuracy. Take into consideration that the kit is used to test if there are toxins in the body and not separate detox products.

How to use the test kit:
1. Tear the foil pouch to open it. Take out the device for test along with sample dropper. Put the testing device on even surface. It is not recommended to open the pouch beforehand. Do it right prior to procedure.
2. Choose the disposable cup for urine test. It should be clean and dry.
3. The dropper should be in vertical position when you make the test. One should put four drops of urine to the well that is indicated ā€œSā€.
4. Do not read the results for five minutes. There are two lines that demonstrate the result. There is a C-region area with a control line and T-region test area where a test line can be found.

When the result is positive you will see just one line.
When the result is negative, two lines appear. Though the test line can be light and hardly seen, the result is considered to be negative.
In case you do not see the control line even when 5 minutes pass, then you failed the drug test. However, it can be so that you did something wrong. You should make sure in it and repeat the test.

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