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Single Panel Oxycodone Home Urine Test Kit

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Single Panel Oxycodone Home Urine Test Kit
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The Single Panel Oxycodone Home Urine Test Kit is an excellent solution for you in case you need to find out your toxin level without going to the specialists for that.

Discover poisonous toxins in your body thanks to a single panel home drug test. Any person can do it at home now. There is no need to apply to the laboratory for that. There are special home urine test kits that will deliver 98% accuracy of the test result. It is able to detect cocaine, opiates, marijuana, oxycodone, meth. This method works with the same efficacy as the lab test. The product was devised for testing to inform you if there are toxins in your organism. The goal is not to test the detox products.

How to use the product:

  • You need to open the foil pouch first. Tear along the notch to take out the device for testing. It comes with a sample dropper. Put it on the even top and test the urine sample. Do not open the foil pouch in advance. If you do, the result can be invalid.
  • The test should be performed in a disposable cup. Make sure that it is clean and there is no moisture in it.
  • Take the dropper in a vertical condition to place 4 drops of urine in the S-region (sample well).
  • One should look at the results of the test in 5 minutes only. There are different variants that you see as you observe the color line in C-zone and T-zone.

The results can be positive, negative and invalid.

POSITIVE results demonstrate just one line, which is located in C region (control region). You will not see anything in T-zone. If this is your variant then your body contains Oxycodone more than it should be - it is above 100 ng/mL.

NEGATIVE result is revealed when two lines come into view: one of them is found in the C-zone, while the other is seen in the test line. You should not be confused in case the test line is lighter – the result is still negative.

There is also INVALID result that does not inform us about anything but say that we did something wrong. Such thing can happen if the tester was stored in a wrong way or you opened in advance. Open it just prior to use. If the test is invalid, you will have to buy another one.

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