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2 Step THC / Marijuana Detox Program for Persons over 200 LBS

THC/Marijuana Detox Kits
Detox kits
2 Step THC / Marijuana Detox Program for Persons over 200 LBS
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2 Step THC/Marijuana DetoThe Two Stage Marijuana Detoxification Kit includes a 20oz. bottle of QCarbo Plus with Super Boost Tabs, one bottle of QPretox Master Concentrated Capsules (100ct), and one THC-Marijuana test device.


The 2 stage Marijuana Detoxification kit consists of:

- QCarbo Plus (16 oz),

- Super Boost Tabs

- a bottle of QPretox Master Concentrated Capsules (100ct)

- a THC-Marijuana test device


The aim of the test is to make you clean for a urine screen and one should begin it  25 days before the test. Intake of QPretox capsules every day and abstention from drugs are necessary things to be done.The QCarbo beverage serves as a flush with quick result and must be used on the day of the test.

 1)You should take 2 capsules of Pretox two times a day.

2) Consume  20 ounces of water  2 hours before the test.

3) Twenty minutes later  drink the whole bottle of QCarbo Plus and take 4 Super Boost Tabs.

4) In twenty minutes  fill the QCarboPlus with water and drink it.

5) After you urinate not less than twice, confirm the result, using test device to make sure that you are clean.

Important  tips:

- Big meals prior to procedure may not be desirable for the success of the process.  

- Urinate repeatedly for the effective run of the cleansing procedure.  

- Drink much water on days  before deadline.

- Keep away from harmful toxins for 2 days before the date you want to be clean. (The longer this period will be, better chances you have!)

- Take into consideration that you are clean for about 5 hours only, think about right  time organization beforehand.

Precautions: tell your doctor before taking this medication in case of pregnancy or being an infant feeding mother.




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