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Different types of drug test

You can be tested in a number of ways when passing the drug test.

Hair Drug Test

Hair Follicle Drug Testing is comparatively new method for drug detection. If the person consumed toxic substances within the last two months, it is possible to trace their presence in the sample.It is possible to pass this drug test after you make your hair clean using the products we offer - shampoos of various kinds. All these means are very efficient in your hair purification from undesirable substances. The pollutant is removed from inside out and this gives a positive result.

Metabolites can be stored in hair for a long time as it is a fast growing tissue. A hair follicle contains the traces of metabolites and they can be easily detected during the hair drug test. In fact they stay in a follicle for a long time like in a trap and serve as an evidence of your being guilty! The unnecessary steadiness of metabolites in hair can ruin what you have been creating for a long time. Hair fiber is like a witness of your weakness and is ready to inform everybody who is interested about it!If you have a desire to become clean forever, this is excellent! You will become pure for sure in 3 or 4 months, but until that time do not tempt your fate and use our help. We will make you clean very quickly! Why wait so long? With the help of detoxication shampoos such as Folli-Kleen Intense Hair Cleanser, Test Pass Detox Shampoo you will get the result in ten minutes already! If you got used to shampoo with Conditioner, we are able to satisfy you as well. Having Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo and Conditioner and Ultra Cleanse Hair Cleansing Shampoo and Conditioner among the goods we offer, we meet the requirements of customers, who do not want to have a tangled hair and sacrifice a beautiful hair for the sake of the drug test results. Comfortable pass of the test is guaranteed!

Saliva drug test

Saliva Drug Testing is also a recently introduced test, with the help of which it is possible to detect toxins 4-10 hours after using the drug.

How to pass the saliva drug test? There are products, which will aid you in this. The Saliva Detox Kit for 5 drugs at once (THC, COC, OPI, MET, BZD) will make you clean for the test within 2 days! The set contains the Ultra Wash Toxin-cleansing mouthwash to neutralize all waste substances to be detected in the saliva! This mouthwash can be bought separately from the kit as well and can be kept just in case for the urgency cases. Easy use: take out of the pocket, just swish and spit out!

Saliva drug test can be passed well if new efficient formula of Quick Fizz tablets is applied. This product works for the urine test as well. The same double action has Aqua Clean Cleansing System with effervescent tablets to flush away all that is in the way when you try to pass the drug test. The tablets are dissolved and the mouth is washed with this liquid. This is accompanied by the range of other measures. So we have declared a serious war to bad test results!

Urine Drug Test

Urinalysis – the most effective laboratory method of drug metabolites exposure. Every person has to submit the urine sample in a specimen cup.

For the urgency cases one can use synthetic urine, which is really very convenient and does not take long preparation for the test, who knows when your boss will point at you. It is better to be equipped with various means. Little bottle with temperature gauge and heating pad to keep it warm will remove all suspicions. All you need to do is to heat it up in due time! Quick Fix Synthetic Urine and Ultra Pure Pre-mixed Synthetic Urine have the same features as normal sample with the same pH, urine specific gravity, creatinine.The synthetic urine is unisex, so it suits you perfectly to pass the drug test.

It is also possible to acquire the detoxifying agent Urine Luck, which is added to mask the presence of hostile substances. The ability to change the urine on the molecular level makes this product attractive for customers.

The majority of the products we have- is for those who rack the brains over the question: “how to pass the drug test” and since the urine test is the most wide-spread, there are a lot of products for passing this test. Detox drinks with different flavors will make your urine test easy. They stop the burn of cells for several hours and all harmful elements are not revealed and cannot be detected.So you can pass the test during this period.Try the efficiency with Absolute De-Tox Carbo Drink Lemon-Lime Flavor or QCarbo Plus with Booster with different flavors. Which one do you prefer? Strawberry-Mango or Cranberry-Raspberry?If you are a choosy customer and want something more, thanQCarbo Easy Cleanser with 6 different flavors will satisfy your needs. Even if you consumed drugs regularly, this detox drink will make the test easy for you! It is reinforced with valuable botanicals, minerals, about 20 vitamins and other supplements, providing you good ultimate result.

In addition to this assortment of flavors Vale’s Solution(Tropical Punch Flavor) and Solution 4x provide us with an easydetoxication. These thin drinks will eliminate all unhealthy substances to deliver you from the problematic situation. In fact they do not destroy toxins, but they make our body fight with them and stimulate the work of all organs.

Another chain of high-quality detox drinks are presented by Zydot Ultimate Blend with three flavors to your taste (Cherry, Orange, Tropical) and unique formula of Zydot Ultimate-24 Plus, giving you speedy cleansing! The product has B-vitamins and Creatine. What is important, the manufacturer guarantees the result, otherwise is ready to compensate 100%! If you are a tea amateur, among other beverages we can offer you Master tea. It has different tastes, so you can enjoy our products too! Now you have a diverse list to choose from! Get double benefit by getting clean and getting pleasure from the process!

In addition to urine test there are new ways of determining the presence of poisonous chemicals traces. Immunoassay Drug Testing is a wide-spread test used to test the potential candidates for the job.

Blood Testing is a rather expensive test, but it is accurate. It is used in accidents investigation.


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