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Test Pass Detox Shampoo

Hair Drug Test - Detox Products
Test Pass Detox Shampoo
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With the help of Hair Detox Shampoo you will hide the traces of such undesirable chemicals as cocaine, nicotine, THC and others!



Undesirable chemicals of THC, cocaine, nicotine, ecstasy and other poisonous chemicals of environment will not be found in the hair after you use the Hair Detox Test Shampoo. The hair can take in poisonous chemicals from the environment and from the blood, which can spread the toxins all over the body. When the person is subjected to the polluted air and the hair is wet or it has some styling gel on, then it is more vulnerable and can be subjected greatly to bad influence. It imbibes all harmful toxins. The hair is rapidly growing and gets its nourishment from the blood. If blood is contaminated with toxins, then it is natural that it gets into the hair follicle. In fact, the toxins are trapped inside the follicle. it is hard to get rid of them. When the hair drug test takes place, then the person is submitting a sample of his hair, usually hair from the back of the head is taken for a test. The hair is taken and sent to the laboratory, where it is turned into solution with the help of dissolving chemicals. During this procedure the harmful components become free and reveal themselves. When metabolites are separated, GC/MS is made the same way like during the urine test. When you use Hair Detox Test Shampoo, then each hair is wrapped in special shell, which protects the hair and does not let those toxins go out. With the help of shampoo some elements affect the metabolites and disguise toxic substances.

The producer is ready to pay 100% guarantee back if products is if you are not pleased with it.

Laboratories accept new rules from to time and the cutoff level changes, so if you do not know its level, it is better to be ready for the test.

How to use the product:

1. The contents must have no residue, the contents must be homogeneous that is why you should stir it up shaking the bottle.

2. Use the Hair Detox Test Shampoo.

3. Rub the half of the bottle into the scalp and into the hair.

4. Let it imbibe in for about four minutes.

5. Wash away the shampoo.

6. Take the second half of the bottle and return to the step 3 (repeat the process)

A tip for a good result:

In case your hair is long or too thick, for example like Afro-American, than for perfect result acquire more than one bottle of it.


The product is meant only for external usage. The level of testing cut-off at the present moment is 0.1 ng,  that is why there is no manufacturer guarantee on it. When tests are administered by government or other power structures and test is conducted in accordance with the regulations of law of Federal or State level, then this product should not be used. If you want to start the cleansing course of the whole body, then we advise you to pay attention to the Premium Detox 7 Day Comprehensive Cleansing Program.

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