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Detoxifying Mouthwash by Stinger

Saliva Drug Test - Detox Products
Detoxifying Mouthwash by Stinger
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If you take even a small amount of toxic substance, it can affect the result of a saliva swab test. For this reason, we advise our clients that they should take measures to avoid potential problems with a drug test.

It is impossible to pass the saliva test after you consumed something toxic. Even the smallest amount can spoil the result. But one can avoid undesirable consequences using the right products for cleansing such as the Detoxifying Mouthwash by Stinger. It is able to clear your saliva without effort. If you want to have a clean sample it is easy to get it with this mouthwash even if you abused drugs and alcohol. It is effective for nicotine as well. To be more precise, you may not worry over the effect of marijuana, opiates, amphetamines, cocaine, methamphetamines and other toxins of this kind.  All these substances can be easily detected without this product. However, the result is different with the Detoxifying Mouthwash.

How to use:
You should apply the Detoxifying Mouthwash several minutes prior to the test. The product should be taken gradually – in little amounts and swished in the mouth for a minute at least (in total). Swallow the product or spit it out if you do not want it. It is not dangerous to consume it. The formulation of the Detoxifying Mouthwash does not contain alcohol therefore you will not have a burning sensation. It will not cause drying in your mouth either.
Use the remedy in a proper way. It is not recommended to consume anything after it: drink or eat. Do not brush your teeth after intake otherwise all your efforts will be wasted. Ideally, you should take a test without delay. The remedy reaches maximum effectiveness in half an hour.

Tips for success:
One should not take any toxins for 1, 2 days prior to the test taken in order to detect toxic substances in you such as cocaine, alcohol, nicotine, THC and other harmful substances. The customer should not drink and eat until he is over with the test.

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