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Multi-panel THC / Marijuana Home Urine Test Kit

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Multi-panel THC / Marijuana Home Urine Test Kit
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If you are looking for 100% confidence that you are clean, use the accurate Multi-panel THC/Marijuana Home Urine Test Kit.

If you are worrying about an upcoming drug test or are looking for a new job, it is important to have the right tools to successfully pass a urine drug test.  The first thing you need to do is get a detoxification plan in place.  If you are craving full confidence that you will pass your drug test, then you absolutely need a test kit.

The Multi-panel THC/Marijuana Home Urine Test Kit is for individuals that want to test their toxin levels in the privacy of their own homes. Unlike standard pass/fail test kits, the kit tests THC at 4 different levels: 20ng/mL, 50ng/mL, 100ng/mL, and 200ng/mL. It's perfect for tracking your THC levels, and estimating how much time it will take to get clean. These kits are 98% accurate for testing your system for toxins only.  The kit will not detect detoxifying products in the urine.

When using this kit in conjunction with detoxifying products, you are given the ability to see real results that gauge the effectiveness of your detoxifying products.  This is much better than using the detoxifying products by themselves and hoping for the best.  For people who are serious about passing their drug tests, the Multi-panel THC/Marijuana Home Urine Test Kit is a must have.  The following are clear, concise directions on how to use the test kit in your own home.

Directions for using the Multi-panel THC/Marijuana Home Urine Test Kit:

Warning: Do not open the included foil pouch until you are ready to begin the drug testing procedure.

  1. Open the included foil pouch by tearing along the small "notch"
  2. Remove the testing device and the sample dropper from the packaging
  3. Place the drug-testing device on a flat, horizontal surface
  4. Urinate in a clean, dry and disposable cup (Dixie Cups work great)
  5. While holding the dropper vertically, carefully extract a dropper full of urine
  6. Dispense 3 drops of urine into each hole of the drug testing device
  7. Wait 5 minutes before reading the results
  8. Observe the two color lines: there is a control line in the "C" region of the test area, and the test line in the "T" region of the test area.

How to read the results:

Positive: The control line is the only line that appears.

Negative: The control line and the test line both appear. The test line might be a lighter color than the control line.  This is still considered a negative reading.

Invalid: The drug test is considered invalid if the control line is not visible after 5 minutes. This means the drug test failed, or the drug test procedure was not followed properly.  In this case, verify the drug test procedure and repeat the drug test with a new drug testing device.

Once you have your results, you will then have the ability to track your progress, know if you are clean, and see how effectively your detoxification plan is working.  This may seem like a tedious procedure, but isn’t your job worth keeping?  Like the saying goes “Better safe than sorry.”

There are tons of jobs lost every year due to urine drug test failures that could have easily been avoided with proper planning.  Don’t be one of these people.  Be the person who prepares for everything in advance.  After all, your job is what supports you and your family.  If you choose to use, then you need a detoxification plan in place.  The Multi-panel THC/Marijuana Home Urine Test Kit is the perfect kit for your plan.  Use it with the utmost confidence; it’s time to act instead of react.

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