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Single Panel MET (Methamphetamines) Home Urine Test Kit

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Single Panel MET (Methamphetamines) Home Urine Test Kit
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If you prefer privacy and wish to learn your toxin level being alone at home, then acquire single panel METH (Methamphetamines) Home Urine Test Kit for it.

If you want to test the level of toxins at home, then single panel home drug test is just what you need. There are special panel kits for different kinds of drugs, such as marijuana, cocaine and met amphetamine. It will be accurate just like tests made in the laboratory. The per cent of accuracy is 98 %, when the presence of toxins is checked, but not for check of detoxification process.

Directions for use:

- Take out the sample dropper out of the foil pouch. Take out testing device out of the foil pouch as well and place it horizontally. (The pouch should not be opened until the time when you are going to make the test.)

-Take the sanitary waterless cup and urinate into it.

- Take vertically the dropper, distribute four drops of the urine into the deepening (ā€œSā€ will be seen there) of the test device.

- It takes 5 minutes to find out the results.  Have a look at the 2 color lines: One line belongs to the C-area and is a control line; the second one belongs to the T-area and is test line!

The result is positive when you see only control line after 5 minutes of expectation.

The result is negative when both lines are seen after 5 minutes.

The result is invalid when you can't see the control line after 5 minutes of expectation. If you do not follow the rules, then you will fail the test. It means that you should do it again with another  drug test

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