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Ultra Kleans Power Flushing Capsules

Urine Drug Test - Detox Pills
Ultra Kleans Power Flushing Capsules
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When useful features of burdock, dandelion, yellow dock and red clover are combined, the capsules of this product will not let you fail.

Ultra Klean Power Flush capsules were created to remind us about the true power to us – the power of nature that can heal everybody and makes everything around clean. Strong detox herbs are presented in this effective formula that includes burdock, yellow dock, red clover and dandelion. It would be hard to devise the product better than that. Besides, the product can boast of being parve and kosher. In accordance with recommendations you should begin taking it 90 minutes before the appointed test. Your urine is going to be ideal for urine test for about five hours. Additionally, the product contains vitamin B and creatine that were manufactured in the form of capsules. They contribute to the effectiveness of the product and make you more confident at urinalysis. Take power flush capsules to be clean for the test for 5 hours. It is better to take the test during first 2 hours after intake. The product is the most effective at this time.

Recommendations to follow:

  • The client needs 7 capsules and 24 oz of water to flush them down. He should take all this 90 minutes or 1 ? hours before the test.
  •  Make 20 minutes' break after intake and then repeat the procedure: take 7 capsules and 24 oz of water again.
  • After another 20 minutes' break, do it again: take the last portion of capsules (7 capsules), 24 oz of water and capsules with vitamins (two capsules of creatine and two capsules of vitamin B).
  • The product lasts for five hours after intake. You should calculate timing on your own taking into account that process of intake takes about forty minutes in average.

Specialists advise Ultra Mask One Hour Cleansing Formula for more effective results.

Be careful!
Do not forget that the result achieved with help of Ultra Klean Power Flush Capsules is short-term.

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