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Ultra Mask One Hour Cleansing Formula Mandarin-Orange flavor

Urine Drug Test - Detox Drinks
Ultra Mask One Hour Cleansing Formula Mandarin-Orange flavor
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If urine drug screen is necessary for you, Ultra Mask One Hour Cleansing Formula is a great solution that helps to become clean fast.

Ultra Mask One Hour Cleansing Formula is a product that features mandarin-orange flavor. Though taste is not that important when you want to become clean, it removes strict medical approach that makes many people feel uncomfortable. Drug test brings less tension if you get ready for it with the product that tastes good. The drink has a fast acting formula. That means that it starts acting in an hour and your urine becomes clean for the drug test. The benefit of the product is in the balanced approach to the course. There are vitamins and herbal components in Ultra Mask One Hour Cleansing Formula. For this reason, it additionally treats and strengthens your health at the same time. The metabolites of harmful substances disappear after use of this product. You can make sure that it will provide 500% satisfaction. At least, this is promised by the manufacturer who gives money back guarantee to its clients.

Directions for use of product:

  1. Do not take any toxic substances for 48 hours before the drug test. If you keep away from harmful elements for longer period of time, the result is going to be more solid then.
  2. Do not forget to shake the bottle prior to its use.
  3. Repeat the procedure in 20 minutes. Fill the bottle with water again and drink it.
  4. It is necessary to urinate many times to become clear before the test. The peak efficiency is reached in 2 hours after intake of the product.

How to increase efficiency:
Do not take any medications or toxic substances during the cleansing period (up to 72 hours before the appointed drug test). The period of preparation should cover 2 days at least. In general, the use is simple: just take the product to urinate the harmful substances out and make yourself clean.

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